We Are Environmentally Aware

Environmental Issues

Guardian understands the importance of responsible environmental management practices within our industry. We are committed to providing a safe, healthy workplace that promotes a high standard of cleanliness while minimising the impact on the environment.

We will work closely with you to find opportunities to minimise the environmental impact, and will utilise our relationships with industry organisations to seek best practice methodologies and advances in equipment and products.


Reducing our Footprint

At Guardian, we are keenly aware of the importance of each individual to ensure our impact on the environment is minimised. To play our part, we seek to work towards a ‘Carbon Neutral Footprint’.

To achieve this, we have not only developed a fully accredited Environmental Management System, but are also strategically aligned with Carbon Neutral – a profit-for-purpose organisation founded with the intention of offsetting the ongoing and continuing carbon emissions.

Our carbon minimisationstrategies, combined with our accredited Environmental Management System, make us confident we can assist in playing a small, yet important role in the future of our planet.

Click, for Full details on Carbon Neutral are available here.

As members of the Green Building Council of Australia, Guardian further demonstrates a total commitment to minimise environmental impact